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Here’s a run-down of the exciting things Future Trailblazers have exclusive access to this year.

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2023 – 2024 LINEUP

Below you’ll find a lineup of themes to give you a glimpse of what the Future Trailblazers calendar has in store. Each theme will have 2-4 sessions in the form of a Lunch & Learn, Sofa Session, Bite-Size Workshop or Coffee & Connect.


We want you to have the best experience possible, so please do let us know if there are any topics you are particularly interested in.



In the world of People & Culture, it’s not uncommon to feel like a lone ranger, yet your impact on organisational culture is profound. Join fellow Future Trailblazers to: ⚡ Explore the art of impacting culture while staying true to your core values ⚡ Gain tools to communicate ideas & influence effectively ⚡ Build a team of ambassadors when there’s no set People & Culture department ⚡ Learn trends in Culture & what they mean for your business ⚡ Stay resilient when the going gets tough


Create an environment where everyone feels free to speak up, share ideas, and challenge one another fearlessly. When a workplace hears all voices and promotes collaboration, people feel safe & magic can happen. In these sessions you’ll: ⚡ Understand Psychological Safety and what it looks like for your business ⚡ Learn how to implement a unified understanding of behaviours that create a safe space for openness ⚡ Explore how to flex your style to accommodate for different personality traits ⚡ Make a plan of action to create a psychologically safe culture in your business


DE&I is so much more than hiring people from diverse backgrounds. In these sessions you’ll discover how to embrace differences, ignite creativity, and promote a culture of equality and respect. ⚡ Learn how to foster a genuinely inclusive environment & what that actually means ⚡ Understand why humans are hardwired towards bias and the importance to address personal bias to truly pioneer inclusion ⚡ Articulate a vision for an inclusive future at your business


"Neurodiversity may be the birthplace of some of the world's greatest minds" (Harvey Blume). Yet, without neccessary accommodations & time taken to understand individuals neurodiverse brains, these minds may struggle to thrive. In these sessions you'll: ⚡ Gain an understanding of different neurodiverse conditions; the science and symptoms ⚡ Explore the challenges faced & also the strengths that make these minds unique ⚡ Top tips on how to create a workplace that enables all people to shine & potential accommodations ⚡ Identify areas for improvement in your business


Culture is such a buzz word nowadays...but what is actually involved in creating a vibrant high performing culture? As with most things people related, there is no silver bullet and a great workplace culture is a result of many different elements. ⚡ Learn practical steps to build a world class Culture ⚡ Understand the meaning of purpose & values & their importance in your culture ⚡ Learn how to embed behaviours that represent your values ⚡ Explore tools to influence those around you & make your culture infectious ⚡ Communicate effectively & involve your people in your vision ⚡ Build a leadership team who are ambassadors for your culture ⚡ Identify areas for improvement in your business



Learn the secrets of nurturing a brilliant team through effective people processes. As a people leader, supporting managers with these essential skills can be the key to building an environment where teams not only thrive but also achieve all-star status. ⚡ Learn how to craft & implement effective performance review processes ⚡ Understand your role in nurturing talent growth ⚡ Learn tools to deliver constructive feedback ⚡ Create consistency in performance management across your business


So much evidence suggests that teams that focus on their strengths significantly outperform those that don’t. They’re also more engaged, happier and productive. So what’s not to love? In these sessions we’ll explore the power of strengths, unveiling the latest data and benefits of a strengths based approach and understand how businesses can adopt a strengths based culture. In these sessions you’ll: ⚡ Understand strengths & how to implement a strengths based culture ⚡ Explore your own strengths & how to use them to your advantage ⚡ Use tools to find commonalities and differences with others and how to work together to maximise success ⚡ Build awareness of what happens when strengths are turned up too loud & the impact this has on self and others ⚡ Build an action plan to nurture a strengths based culture in your business


Join the revolution and start your summer of making connections, be inspired and let the learning commence. Find your people...

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