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Turning Strengths into Superpowers

Turning Strengths into Superpowers

This FizzPopSPARK Pocket Guide is designed to help you discover how to turn your raw talents (and those of your team) into superpowered strengths. It'll give you an in-depth understanding of what makes you tick, how to supercharge your strengths and when to turn them up (and down).

This is learning and development for you to do when and where it's right for you. Do it all at once, or dip in and out to the bits you feel are most relevant. After all, this is your growth.

In there you will:

– have the opportunity to explore the nature of strengths
– think about your own strengths and how they show up for you (and your team)
– take away practical actions and tools to turn you or your team's strengths into superpowers (or talents into strengths)

If you're a leader or manager of a team, we've also included some really simple conversation starters - to allow you to run a short session on this topic. This can be easily incorporated into one of your regular team meetings.

Discover brilliant further reading and content to watch. Use top tips to take your first steps, putting your learning into practice in real-life situations. This Pocket Guide is designed so you can leave at any point and come back to explore more when you need an extra boost.

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