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Imogen Pudduck


Imogen Pudduck

Imogen comes from marketing and selling some of the biggest brands in the world (Hasbro, Polaroid and Red Bull), building award-winning teams who devised exceptional ideas each year. It was during her time as Head of Brand at Red Bull, she realised that to have a truly amazing brand that consumers fall in love with, you need infectiously passionate and loyal employees that drive that ethos forward. She left Red Bull to set up FizzPopBANG in 2012 with her fellow pirate Carla Cringle in pursuit of sharing this knowledge and making the world of work no longer a drab and dreary chore – but one that makes you whistle on your daily commute.

Her specialisms include marketing communications, brand essence and identity development. She loves nothing more than cooking up a new great idea or developing a business solution through innovation techniques and facilitation. She understands what it is like to sit on a senior leadership team (both commercial sales and marketing) and manage big teams and enjoys helping others find their own style whilst remembering they are allowed to be human. In doing so, they can in turn inspire their teams to be the best they can be.

Her mission is to colour the world of business to make work a place to have fun & be fearless. Where playfulness and creativity are not scary words reserved only for home life or marketing teams, and business cultures allow people to shine so anyone can have a great idea no matter what team or position they are in.

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